Beyond Climate Denial on a Neoliberal Planet

Manne,-RobertAbboud,-Antoinette-c-Conor-AshleighWalker,-Jeremy Sydney Writer Fest – In an election year, there seems less impetus for climate action than ever. Why has the Left, which has always regarded itself as having science on its side, been outflanked on climate policy? What does the bizarre success of denialism and the radical calls for planetary scale geo-engineering portend for the changing status of science in our society? Antoinette Abboud, Jeremy Walker and Robert Manne untangle the complex relationships between climate, politics and economic doctrines in a discussion with Overland editor Jeff Sparrow.

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Excerpt from Overland magazine

We live in a winter of disconnect. As the permafrost melts and global warming accelerates, bringing us to the cusp of catastrophic environmental changes, governments and corporations continue their campaign of denial….

Many of us are caught up in the public theatre of climate policy, confounded that something so transparently illogical as outright science denial has been so effective. Why has the Left, which has always regarded itself as having science on its side, been so paralysed by climate policy?……

Geoengineering is a portmanteau term covering a range of intentional large-scale manipulations of the Earth’s climate…..

Like most neoliberal prescriptions, the most important aspect of this tortured marriage of science and corporate commodification is that it doesn’t work. Geoengineering presumes corporations can take unilateral actions violating international treaties and not have to own the consequences. It doesn’t resolve the root problem – increasing CO2 concentrations – and it will not stop ocean acidification, itself so dire that some scientists have called for a suite of novel ‘ocean engineering’ techniques to prevent the collapse of coral reefs.

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Composting Fact Sheetcompost title

On a recent excursion to Mt Annan Botanic gardens some members picked up the FACT SHEET ON COMPOSTING  and were keen to share this little gem.






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Michael Mobbs’ Sustainable House

As a follow up to Michael Mobbs talk to the society last year an O.F.F field day was organised on Sat 2nd March to see a sustainable house in action. Some 20 people under overcast conditions caught the nominated train. As we alighted at Redfern the heavens opened and the wind picked up; but it soon eased, and we had an easy stroll to Chippendale. We passed some lovely old buildings with beautiful brickwork and decorative finishes, and two magnificent native trees, a great example for other councils.

Arriving at Michael’s house we ended up with a total of 38 participants signing in and paying the $5 entrance fee. Michael explained in detail how he had made his house sustainable. It is not connected to town water and sewerage
(treated in his back-yard); it uses solar electricity and hot water with only a small amount of town gas for cooking (the
most efficient method). He grows food in his tiny back-yard and keeps 2 chooks.
Michael was only too happy to answer our many questions.He sold copies of his books, Sustainable House and
Sustainable Food, the latter now available for loan at meetings. Later we had a quick look at the surrounding
streets with community plantings of edible and ornamental plants, compost bins and even a lending library in an old
esky. It was a most informative and enjoyable morning. Report by Graham Lalchere
For more information on Michael Mobbs sustainable house click photo 20130302_093926

Sustainable Food book available for loan at OFF meetings.