Oatley Park Walking Tracks

Oatley Park Walks brochure Oatley Flora and Fauna Society have printed a  walking guide to 7 walking Tracks in Oatley Park a wooded peninsula of 45 hectares at the junction of Georges River and Lime Kiln Bay. The tracks allow the visitor to discover its hidden beauty, its vistas over the waterways, its diverse bird life and ever-changing plant communities.

Featuring :
The Head Land Track – 30 minutes
The Ridge Track – 30 minutes
Oatley Park – Lime Kiln Bay Circuit Walk 2 hours
Myra Wall Garden Track – 10 mins
Lime Kiln Bay Circuit – 50 minutes

For printed copies of the photographic guide published by the Society – phone Secretary on (02) 9580-6621 or email Website Officer at off@oatleypark.com. Alternatively, download the A3 print quality file using the following link: OATLEY PARK WALKING TRACKS FLYER

Maps for 6 short bush walks >>Click here