Myles Dunphy Reserve


Situated on the foreshores of the Georges river around Gungah Bay  the reserve can be accessed from several suburban streets around Oatley & Oatley West ( Mulga Rd, Mimosa  St, Woronora St.). The reserve includes an extensive  mangrove area and bushland.  The site of the former Oatley Bowling club is also located within the reserve. The future use of the site is yet to be determined after the club’s closure in 2003

History of Site

Area was originally to be sub-divided, but it was difficult to continue Yarran Road to Mulga Road due to swampy conditions. Myles Dunphy (early conservation activist who was a local resident ) approached Hurstville Municipal Council with a view to turn the land into a reserve. HMC then wanted to resume the blocks of land, but these were owned by servicemen at the second world war.The properties were eventually resumed anyway, but on condition that the land was to be zoned as “parkland”. It was gazetted as a “Reserve” in 1944.

See Friends of Oatley website for more details

Ecological significance of  Site

Activities carried on the reserve

Future of Oatley Bowling Club site ?

It is disappointing that the Georges River Council is pursuing action to alienate public land. A development application to consolidate the lots at the former Oatley Bowling Club (OBC) site was approved (9/9/16) by the Independent Hearing Assessment Panel (IHAP). p1000351Despite the consolidation, the OBC site is STILL in Myles Dunphy Reserve. 

See Friends of Oatley Website for more on the campaign to keep public land public