Nominate a Tree

Unlike many Councils in Sydney, Georges River Council does not have a Significant Tree register for all valuable trees, it only has ones of heritage interest. If Council does not protect our significant trees we are likely to lose most if not all our old trees that were planted when the suburbs were first established.  A Significant Tree Register is being established by OFF to protect trees on public land. This may be extended as the project develops.

Generally, trees are assessed to evaluate their importance in relation to:

  • The tree’s historic &/or natural value

  • The tree’s social, cultural & commemorative value

  • Its visual & aesthetic value

  • Whether the tree is particularly old or vulnerable

  • Whether it is a rare species of tree

  • If it has horticultural or genetic value

  • Whether it has natural significance

A form has been created so that you can nominate trees that you think are significant & should be protected by a Significant Tree Register.  Your personal details will not be published.




Examples of some nominated trees

 7 Douglas Haig St, Oatley -Beautiful tall tree with twisting bark. Council has widened footpath to allow for the growth of the tree.


Alt text

 Scribbly Gum at 35 River Rd Oatle, Former Oatley Bowling Club site.

This is one of the last mature trees on the old bowling club site, is aesthetically pleasing and provides shade to users of the recreation area. It is well loved by users who have adorned it with decorations and I understand named it Mr Squiggle.
The tree is threatened with destruction by the proposal to build aged care facilities on the site.





 Eucalyptus paniculata, Grey Ironbark

Large tree near suburban centre; only one of its species in the area.