Threatened Trees


We have become aware that many residents are concerned that we are loosing our trees. This is a campaign to turn this trend.


If you know of any supreme examples of poor tree maintenance and / or destruction which you think should be on this page.


When /if you get word that a tree is to be /or is being removed. We will let the community know ASAP and follow up on the outcomes.

Contact Georges River Council to report your concerns: Phone: 9330 6400

Send us details to or Georges River Trees Facebook


Another big Eucalypt gone from the front of 91 Waitara Parade Hurstville grove.  Council  system was down so they were not sure if it was approved. It was on nature Strip 25 m high and one m across.




Dead tree outside the former Peakhurst community health centre in Stanley Street on 27 Feb 2018.

This has occurred   even though it has protective barriers around it.  Extensive excavation around the base has probably caused the demise of this “protected tree” 

The development is for Senior’s Housing and some independent living villas.

   22 Waitara Parade. Possibly related to building activity.

Link to nominate your favourite tree

36 Myall Street - On 12 February resident reported on Georges River facebook site that a large tree in front on 36 Myall Street was dying. A photo taken when the property was sold in August 2017 shows the tree in good condition.


Georges River Council have been requested to investigate. Pending




104 Gungah Bay Road- Work carried out in late 2017 appears to have killed the tree at the corner Woronora and Gungah Bay Road

In early February 2018 residents noticed that the tree appeared to be dying.

It seems likely that work carried out in Nov/December 2017 under the road and kerb on Woronora Road killed tree.



 Inquires made to Georges River Council indicate that  contractors won’t be fined.

The quick removal of the tree was because it was apparently  unsafe.

Two other trees will be planted in the same spot.

See more comments from GRC 

Planting Pending

   23 Bay Road, Oatley – A development proposal has been lodged that is seeking the removal of at least 30 trees, mainly very large significant Blackbutts. The proposal is to demolish the existing dwelling and construction of two free standing dwellings. Submissions are Due 20 September 2017.  Council decision pending
   2 Baker Street – It has come to our attention that the very large palm tree outside 2 Baker Street has possibly been poisoned.  A request has been made to council to inspect the site and test for possible poisoning. So far no Testing
   24 Yarran Road- Thanks to the vigilance of local residents an illegal tree removal taking place at 24 Yarran Road, Oatley was spotted on 07/09/17. Arborists were in the process of removing a large Angophora from the backyard of this address. It used to tower over the two-storey house. Council customer support confirmed there’s no approval and that a council officer would attend.  Also picture street tree at 22A illegally removed  Action – Letter from Council 15/01/2018:  Notes Council inspected site and determined that a substantial Eucalyptus had been removed without permission. No fines were imposed only a request that the resident plant trees and look after them to maturity.

31 Balmoral Road – heavy pruning  reported on 30 August 2017. Council advice is that Eucalyptus microcorys  has been pruned to make safe by removing 3-4 meters length laterals leaving coat hanger.  


 Action: Council advised that although it looks  like the  tree has been poisoned, there is not enough evidence to prosecute!

Update March 2018- Tree appears to be sprouting

   Oatley Bay Memorial BoardwalkA tree massacre has been bought to our attention at the Oatley Bay Memorial Boardwalk. A nearby resident was seen removing gum trees, mangrove trees casuarinas and others on the 13th, 27th July and 1st August, this was reported with photos to council. It has certainly created a ‘water view  

  Action: Council expressed intention to prosecute

Since then the property unit at 19/13 Spalding Crescent, sold before  auction on  18/11/17 .

Some have noted it would seem an ideal place to erect one of those boards that blocks the view from the unit and shames the perpetrator

Update Feb 2018 - Trees sprouting

   120 Gungah bay Road - A community street tree of great significance is threatened as it is not protected from construction work. It shows evidence of vehicle compacting around its root zone. It is part of a stand of indigenous trees down from the corner of Gungah Bay Rd with Douglas Haig Street towards the dead end heading south.  

90 Gungah Bay Road – Application (31/05/17) has been made for removal of a street tree in conjunction with a development at the property. The removal of this tree is not necessary for the development.


 UPDATE – 02/08/17 – Following advice from council the applicant has revised the application in support of the street tree retention and protection. Read More

2 Myra Place – June 2017

It was reported that a very large tree has been removed from the front of the property without council approval. In addition  it a non compliant fence is being constructed.

 Result - A lower fence was built.

111 Gungah Bay Road – (15 June 2017) DA to remove very large Blackbutt Tree  – The original DA for this dual occupancy approved by Hurstville Council granted permission for the removal of five (5) trees, now gone but this tree and five others were to be retained. MCubed Design has now lodged an application to remove this tree. 

Result : Thanks to community intervention this tree has been saved!!!!

Read More

 33 Gunga Bay Rd 20170522 cropped  23 May 2017: Gungah Bay Road – inappropriate trimming. This is a common complaint of  street trees around wires. The example below was sent to us by a concerned resident. Here a substantial part of Council’s street tree which forked eastwards towards the property, at 33 Gungah bay Road has been removed. The tree now appears to be unbalanced and may be in danger of toppling into the street. Georges River Council have been asked to investigate and advise what action Council is taking in this matter.  
   5 May 2017 – 29 Baker Street:  Street tree removal   Resident noted it dropped a branch, that was cleared.  The next day the whole of the  tree was removed,  though it looked healthy. The stump looks that way.

 The  Customer Service Officer said the report had stated that this tree “fell over in a storm”.

A week later on 5/5/17; stump was ground out.

79 Gungah Bay Rd (3)79 Gungah Bay Rd (2) 5 May 2017 -79 Gungah Bay Rd : Street Tree removal. The Report stated that a “pruning request” only was approved. The Council Customer Officer could see no approval for further removal and could not explain why the Street tree has been removed.  Tree photographed 5 May 2017 in the driveway. So why has this tree been removed, and why is this  council report seemingly inaccurate? Action: Street Tree Has been replaced  Read More