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Mid-week field trip, Tuesday, April 13


Fourteen members met at Circular Quay. The ferry took us to Birchgrove and we paused in the park, created from the land that once was the Morrison and Sinclair shipyard, for morning tea. The walk proceeded west along Louisa St, Cove St, River St, Gow St and Fitzroy Ave until we came to the Dawn Fraser Pool. There was lots to look at, including a wide variety of architecture, the site of the first harbour crossing tunnel, the new homes on the form coal mine site, Cockatoo Island, and a rock face sculpture of Neptune. We then proceed east along Birchgrove Rd, seeing Birchgrove Public School and Dawn Fraser's home. When we reached St John's Anglican Church we were made welcome by Vernon Kemp. In the comfort of the church, Vernon told us about the Church's history. And I think we all bought jams from the table in the foyer of the church.

We proceeded to Birchgrove Park for lunch and when replenished we then walked along Wharf Rd to Ballast Point. At Ballast Point we were met by Neville Beyer. Neville gave us a tour of the old Caltex Lubricating Oil Depot. He had been the Depot's manager prior to its closure. Neville's presentation was very well received.

To complete the outing we walked back along Ballast Point Rd to Grove St where we caught a bus back to Town Hall.

Keith Robinson

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