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Report on the Glenbrook walk, Blue Mountains
2 July 2005


Lookouts over Penrith and the Cumberland Plain

Group enjoying the view

Walkway over Knapsack Bridge

A very steep descent to historic Knapsack Bridge

Knapsack Bridge, built in 1867 for the new Blue Mountains rail line

Historic bridge


The planned walk from Glenbrook Station to Euroka Clearing had to be cancelled as heavy rain of the previous days had flooded Glenbrook Causeway and no-one was allowed through.

So the walk was shifted to the Historic Lapstone Bridges track to the north of Glenbrook. Train cancellations and members' holidays meant a smaller than usual attendance (only 10 people), but it was a great day weather-wise and most interesting discovering new areas.

First we visited the lookouts over Penrith and the Cumberland Plain, from where the skyscrapers of Sydney could be clearly seen.

Then a very steep descent brought the group to historic Knapsack Bridge, built in 1867 for the new Blue Mountains rail line.

It once carried the highway but is now a walkway. Return was via the Mitchells Pass to Lennox Bridge, built 1833, the oldest bridge on mainland Australia.

On return to the cars, it was decided to have a quick look at the old zig-zag rail line, with the cuttings embankments and Lucasville Station.

In all, it was another interesting OFF trip, made all the better by being shared with interested and interesting people.

Alan Fairley

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