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The weather was fine and warm and, after a pleasant ferry ride from Cronulla, 24 of us assembled on Horderns Beach, Bundeena, where we were met by Helen Vogt of the local Yarmouth Historical Society. She kindly provided us with information about the Bundeena-Maianbar Heritage Trail, some of which coincided with our intended walk. It included historical features such as Bundeena House, Constables Steps, Cabbage Tree Point Reserve and Simpsons Homestead.

After seeing all these we stopped for morning tea at the site of Simpsons Hotel (which burned down about 50 years ago) and then proceeded to the site of the old fish hatchery which operated from about 1900 to 1914. We then walked along the western shore of Cabbage Tree Basin through coastal eucalypt forest and retraced our steps to the Bonnie Vale picnic grounds for lunch.

Deeban Sand Spit, extending out into Port Hacking, was explored after lunch. According to various records this was once covered with dense scrub and casuarina trees but was severely destabilized during the 1800s through cattle grazing, timber cutting and dredging. We examined the present sparse dune vegetation on the spit and then returned past the Bundeena shops to catch the 3pm ferry back to Cronulla.This completed a short, but quite enjoyable field day.

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