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September 2003 field day - Bobbin Head
It was a wonderful day for the seven folk who walked from the Sphinx to Bobbin Head and back on Saturday, 30th August. We had a glorious sunny day and Alan Fairley introduced us to a large array of everyday and endangered plants, some found only on the northside.

We saw six species of orchid, including a patch of about 30 white caladenias and lots of tongue orchid leaves clinging to the rocks. There were also small plants of Boronia rigens which have minute but very distinct boronia flowers. We had Muriel, Audrey and Eileen join us for lunch. On the way along Cowan Creek, we found evidence of middens, while on the return route we viewed a collection of Aboriginal rock carvings. Alan added the icing to our day.

From Janet Aitken.

Some plants seen in flower along the walk : Hibbertia bracteata, Leucopogon setiger, Grevillea linearifolia, Pultenaea stipularis, Boronia thujona, Eriostemon australasius, Boronia ledifolia, Leionema (Phebalium) dentatum, Acacia oxycedrus, Darwinia procera, Darwinia biflora.

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