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Report on field day 3 April 2004


The specimens of those enormous swarms of small insects we observed along the cliff face have been identified as Kelp Flies (Chaetocoelopa sydneyensis of the Coelopidae family) by Dr David McAlpine of the Australian Museum. He said they lay their eggs in kelp washed up along the shore and their maggots feed on it as it rots. Possibly the swarming was stimulated by the large piles of fresh kelp we saw nearby that had apparently been detached and transported by recent wave action. (Fred Bell)


It was a beautiful autumn day for our walk along the Illawarra coast, hot enough for swimmers and picnickers to be out, but pleasant enough for the group of 16 OFF members to enjoy the views, wave-washed rock platforms and beaches along the way.

Our leader, Cliff Crane, had done his planning - as well as organising the weather, he had arranged a stake and rope for a steep section of the track and even a community fair in Thirroul for when we finished.

In addition to the good company and fine scenery, highlights included the interesting geological features in the coastal rocks, the short scramble over some boulders and the lunchtime stop at Headlands Hotel.

It was a relatively easy walk, finishing by 2.30pm but one thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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